Indeniable Interiors by Blandine

Indeniable Interiors by Blandine

My Story ...

I started off my professional career in the economic sector, then evolved in the financial markets area, mainly training adults. After more than 10 years of expertise as a trainer, the special place that interior design holds in my heart deserved to be translated to reality. My passion became true when I obtained my diploma of Interior Designer from an Applied Arts school.

As interior architect, decorator and interior designer, mastering the necessary skills and confidence, I initially launched my studio under the name:

UnitedCultures of Design.

This name has left its creative mark in Geneva, Paris, Abidjan and Brussels, undertaking and seamlessly delivering both residential and professional interiors, that blend aesthetic beauty with functional elegance.

I thrive by going beyond boundaries, I constantly renew myself in response to your wishes, desires, comfort dreams, through your design projects. In this quest for constant evolution, I’ve decided to continue the story of my studio by giving it a new name:

Indeniable Interiors.

More than ever, my work reflects my commitment to creating interiors that inspire and improve your quality of life. My Motto: Aesthetic, High-quality and Tailor-made to create one of a kind common story!

Every level of a design project is just an amazing story-telling, the fact of bringing into life a unique concept is quite rewarding. I can honestly say that my passion is my profession.

I look forward to assisting you to highlight your spaces, offering full-service for renovation and design project, from concept (schematic and design development in 2D and 3D, custom-made furniture design, materials selection, bidding) to completion (design supervision, furniture selection, consultancy decoration with moodboards creation).

Sharpening my design style, I propose “out of the box” decoration and textile accessories under:

Maisha Mapiya brand!

And tailor-made furniture designed to shape lives under:

UnitedCultures of Design brand!

Thank you for your virtual visit, I would love to meet you in order to share creative and inspiring propositions. Together we can collaborate to transform your space into a Unique masterpiece that looks like you, spaces that make you feel comfortable!